POLi casinos, online casino Australia

The online casino players use not many online payment systems if we take a close look at the issue. It is so, because not all the online payment systems out there are trustworthy and absolutely reliable. But Poli is surely not the case. Poli is highly popular with online casino users especially from New Zealand and Australia thanks to its absolute reliability and comfort in usage. According to the experts from these countries, Poli is the most widespread method of making online payments among local users. And as many gamblers love playing online slots (or how they are called there “pokies”), placing bets via Poli is one of the most common used options.

POLi casinos, online casino Australia

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If we ask what the Poli is after all, we will see that it is actually some sort of intermediary for numerous banks that work in Australia and the clients of these banks who can use all sorts of online resources. So the users who choose Poli will not need to use the credit cards as the payment system as it will work directly with his banking account or accounts. It is very convenient actually as such a system allows the card holders to surf online without releasing their banking cards details. And this in its turn adds up to safety and makes online payments more secure and comfortable.

A card holder needs to follow such steps to work with Poly system:

  • Select Poli as the way of future payments.
  • Select the Bank he will use to pay for the services he is going to get.
  • Enter the credentials (that is login and password) to the bank online payment systems he has.
  • Populate the payment details.
  • And to confirm the bank wire transaction.

Advantages of using Poli

Here is the short list of features that help the users and make Poli such a popular payment system:

  • With an active Poli account there is no need to register; all what is needed is to use the login and password.
  • There will be no need to use a credit card for online payments any more.
  • Using Poli means no big or small credit card fees.

For the online casino players the registration is one of the steps that takes much time and can be quite boring. With Poli it all becomes very fast and easy. And the credit cards fees can be quite considerable too. But with Poli there will be none!

Disadvantages of using Poli

For the citizens of Australia and New Zeland Poli actually has a lot more strong sides than disadvantages. But as it is a rather regional payment system, the number of banks that it works with is limited too. The banks need to be located in one of these two countries.
But what is more inconvenient, Poli does not allow making payments to the users of this system. So on one hand a user can make the deposits with Poli and on the other hand he cannot make a withdrawal. But since there are many other payment systems that help in making the withdrawals, this can be not such a problem after all. The users of Poli can even use it in the online casinos that do not accept it, which is also great. What needs to be done in this case is to buy any other kind of online payment means like Ukash and make the payment!

Many online casinos like working with Poli and offer the users of this system good conditions. And this is no disadvantage at all. The bonuses for using Poli can be different of course, but they are usually around 10% additionally for those players who choose Poli.

Jacob Morgan