Jurassic Park online slot
5 reels with 243 ways-to-win
Jurassic Park
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Meet a new Microgaming masterpiece game based on the blockbuster Jurassic Park movie. Get ready to wander around the island we all remember accompanied by the famous scientist, his beautiful girl friend, the millionaire who created this island full of dinosaurs and other heroes of the movie. Get ready for the adventure! Because this is what you will get if you join one of online casinos that already offer this incredible slot.
Back in 1990th Jurassic Park made a real sensation with its incredible special effects and brought advanced technologies into modern cinema. And now we have a slot game that aims to do just the same with its bright graphics and perfectly fitting sound. One can feel how the developing team worked on every scene, on each symbol to make it simply perfect. That’s why now Jurassic Park video slot has all it takes to set new benchmark in the industry of online gambling games just as the Jurassic Park movie has for the Hollywood in its time.

The Jurassic Park slot structure

Microgaming announced of the deal made with the Jurassic Park brand owners in winter this year. And almost instantly they announced that the game would have the usual 5 reels and 243 ways to win. Because exactly this structure is what their fans prefer the most and Microgaming surely wanted the slot to become an instant hit.
So, the symbols on the reels include the famous scientist, his beautiful girl friend, the millionaire investor, the journalist, the Jurassic Park logo and of course different dinosaurs. Loads of these. And each will provide with a special feature. The mighty T-Rex for instance will make your whole five reels go wild when it appears on the screen. And it will be the T-Rex alert that will grant 35 wilds! The Brachiosaurus will provide with up to six times of a mystery multiplier. And a pair of predator Velociraptors has the ability to split your wilds into 2 and thus guarantee larger payouts. The players can also nudge partial stacks of wilds and thus create complete stacks.

The new features and rewards

One of the new features presented in Jurassic Park slot is the Parallax Scrolling feature by Microgaming. It allows the reels change while you spin them (which is no surprise for modern players) and at the same time the background will adjust to the change (which is a great innovation that makes a stunning effect and adds up a great deal to the game’s atmosphere). You will feel as if you were in the depths of the forest running away from the dinosaurs and collecting prizes along the way.
As for the prizes themselves, they are numerous. The easiest thing a player can do in Jurassic Park slot is to make some Wilds land up on the reels and gather several combos. Because one can do it by just triggering the T-Rex alert sound and the whole bunch of Bonus Wilds for up to six wins will be guaranteed! Also, there are the excellent 5 Free Spin features with dinosaur themes each with their own special Bonus game. In the beginning these Bonus rounds will be assigned randomly, but after a player gathers 25 Free Spins he will get to choose the Bonus game he likes most. So go ahead and join the new excellent Jurassic Park slot and get to win the jackpot of 95,000 today!

Jacob Morgan